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take off your skin...

... and dance around in your bones

blue ruin
14 March 1983
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forging my weapons and blazing my trails...

No time for scientific method. No time for a control group or whatever. Only time for crossbows.
"extraction", 9 lazy 9, a thickness, adult swim, alex grey, amon tobin, anarchy, androgyny, anime, apoxie, art, asura weapon, at the drive-in, atma, beyond the veil, bit shifter, blame!, blood, blue, built to spill, cacophany, camembert, camping, charcoal, chrono trigger, city of lost children, clay, climbing everything, cob, cold weather, coldcut, concept art, cooking, cordistortum, corel painter, creating, curry, daedelus, dimethyltriptamine, dissonance, dmt, drawing, dreams, dremels, dryads, epiphys cerebri, escaflowne, evil eye, fall of troy, farming, farscape, final fantasy, fma, foxes, goat milk, guinness, guitar, h.p. lovecraft, h.r. giger, hadouken!, hips, homelife, invention, isometrics, jaga jazzist, jasmine, kid koala, kneadatite, machines, macross, macs, mahabharata, man man, mars volta, massive attack, meditation of sorts, meshuggah, metric, metroid, minus the bear, muscadine grapes, musculature, mushrooms, music, my buckwheat bed, number12 looks like you, pajamas, penny-arcade, permaculture, physics, pink martini, pixels, plum wine, protest the hero, puzzles, quarters, reason 3.0, refused, relativity, robotech, rolling in bed, sangria, schism, sci-fi, sculpture, shamshirs, sinister saint, sixtoo, smash bros., snow, spetznaz, split lips, survival, sustainability, tangled hierarchies, tea, technology, ted leo, telekinesis, tetris attack, thanatos, the little ones, the technomythians, theory of bread crumbs, tiger army, tom waits, tool, toy design, tranquility, tricky, triphop, turkish tea, ukrainians, vedism, video games, visionaries, vodka, welsh corgies, wolves, x-acto knives, xenomorphs, zelda